We fake it, so you don't have to make it.

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The first mobile app that simulates user behaviors to protect privacy and open up new possibilities.

Our application sends fictional sensor and usage data to your other mobile phone apps to immitate physical and digital actions. You can relax on your couch, while your running app believes you are in the park for a 10k. Try it out.

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  • Virtual Actions

    Analyzed and generated by real mobile phone sensor and usage data to simulate user actions and behaviors. For example, walking, running as well as browsing, checking in and many more.

  • Personas

    Sets of virtual actions are combined to premade personas making it easier to use and manage them. You can choose from healthy athlete to a state friendly citizen that boosts your social scores.

  • Sensor Usage Information

    Learn more about your phones' sensor data and which usage pattern it can recognize to create new personas that cover your privacy.


  • Persona Overview

    Persona Overview

    Get a status overview of your active personas. Each of the personas holds an individual set of virtual actions and receiving applications.

  • Persona Overview

    Persona Details

    See how your persona is doing in detail and adjust their actions and application to optimize your virtual persona.

  • Premade and Custom Personas

    Premade and Custom Personas

    Easily pick premade personas of your looki app or create your own custom personas with more than 100 virtual actions.

  • Sensor usage information

    Sensor usage information

    All information of your phone usage and sensor data in one place. Learn and protect yourself against spying applications.

Usage Scenarios

  • Social Upgrading

    Your friends and followers travel to a tropical destination, visit beautiful sights and eat in the best restaurants. It is hard to maintain such a lifestyle while you are working or looking after your kids. Our product can help you to build a shiny virtual life without changing your behavior.

  • Social Scoring

    Countries have begun to develop social credit systems. These systems massively collect data of their citizens and rate them according to their economic and social status. Our product can help you build up your rating through government-friendly actions.

  • Insurance Benefits

    More and more insurance companies have started to encourage their customers to share their data with them. Health insurance companies collect how many steps you have taken and car insurances how your driving style is. Our product can help you to practically improve in all these areas by a click.

looki Testimonial
looki Testimonial
looki Testimonial

Future Pricing Plans


free for life

  • 5 Premade personas
  • 25 Virtual actions
  • Simple sensor information


5 Euro monthly

best deal
  • 15 Premade personas
  • 50 Virtual actions
  • Private virtual actions created by capturing your own data
  • Detailed sensor information


25 Euro monthly

  • 30 Premade personas
  • Fully custom made personas
  • 100+ virtual actions
  • Private virtual actions created by capturing your own data
  • Detailed sensor information
  • 24 Hour support

* We provide a limited amout of pro memberships for journalists and NGO workers to support and protect their work.